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Amenemhet und Cheops, Quelle: Wikipedia

Is the preservation of historic monuments important for you?

Wasserspeier erodiert, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

Should monuments be restored and preserved?

Nano Labor, Quelle:

Research for new technologies in preservation of cultural heritage is important.

Nano Anwendungen, Quelle:,

I am familiar with NANO-technology.

Kreuzblume A05, Quelle:

NANO-Technology is a promising new technology.

Frauenkirche Wiederaufbau, Quelle: wikipedia

The authenticity of a historic monument depends on its appearance rather than on its original substance.

Nano Application, Quelle:

NANO-technology is a modern technology and should not be used
for the preservation of historic monuments.

Nano Application, Quelle:

The application of NANO-products distorts the monument.

Singertor, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

It is better to leave historic substance untouched and save it in museums or under protective shelters than to preserve it with chemicals.

Steinmetz, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

Traditional techniques of the workshops should be kept in use to hand them down to future generations.

Ansicht Stephansdom, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

The cathedral is an important reason to visit Vienna.
What is the reason for your visit in the cathedral? (multiple answers possible)

I want to see a specific work of art:

Ansicht Südfassade, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

Which condition of the monument do you prefer?

Voluntarily: please provide some personal information for survey statistics only.

I am interested in cultural heritage.




Ansicht Stephansdom, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

Quiz St.Stephen's Cathedral was founded in:
Wien-Ansicht, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

St. Stephen‘s was founded in the year 1137, when the mediaeval city grew beyond the walls of the roman castrum.
Steinmetz, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

How many people are presently working for the restoration of St.Stephen‘s cathedral?
Dombau und Steinmetze, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

The workshop exists since the middle ages and is employing 20 people: masons, sculptors, a locksmith, a carpenter and administrative staff. It is situated on the north side of the cathedral.
Dach_Turm, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

How tall is the high tower?
Südturmspitze, Quelle: Dombauarchiv, Wien

At a height of 137m the tower was Europes tallest stone building when it was finished in 1433. Works begun in 1359. In 1404 only 20m were achieved, so they managed to build 117m in only 30 years.
Nano-Quiz Gargoyle, Quelle:,

Which detail can you find in St.Stephen's cathedral?
Nano-Quiz Gargoyle, Quelle:,

A) Gargoyle at Notre Dame, Paris
B) Sphinx in the upper garden at Belvedere, Vienna
C) Gargoyle on the south facade of the choir
Dachansichten, Quelle:, Dombauarchiv, Wien

Which picture is taken in Vienna?
Dachansichten, Quelle:, Dombauarchiv, Wien

A) roof of Cologne Cathedral
B) South facade with wimpergs and glaced tiled roof
C) wimperg and roof of Pisa Cathedral

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